Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hei La Moon Dim sum Boston 3/19/06 Jeff, Alan, Damon, Mike C, Tina, Kevin, Eric

The Damage (we had alot of multiples)

2 Thumbs Up Squid

Shrimp in tofu skin w/ celery

Sweet Buns, these ones are empty

Congee (rice soup)


Eggplant w/ shrimp

Pork/shrimp dumpling

Ha gau (shrimp dumplings)

Tofu w/ shrimp

Steamed pork buns Come with ginger/vinager

Fried green things - Nice and plump today

Vegi Roll

Steamed Green things (shrimp and chives)

Tofu Skin Roll

Taro Dumpling

Turnip cake (we call them Lard cakes!)

Slippery noodle w/ shrimp

Porcupines! Shrimp w/ taro on outside

Roast pork turnover

Shu Mai (already ate 2!)

Tofu Skin Roll


Tasty Greens!

Chicken Feet! (Eric says they taste like chicken!)