Thursday, May 25, 2006

May 24- Dim Sum chef- Brighton. Angela, Mike C, Mike P, Jeff, Will, Damon, Al.

We went to the Dim Sum chef last night. I think we made the guys day with the qty we ordered. 7 of us, ordered 2 rounds. Round 1: Shrimp dumpling, pork ribs w/ black bean sauce, bbq pork bun, fried sesame shrimp roll, fried vegetarian spring rolls, fried bean curd skin rolls w/ shrimp, fried shrimp & chive spring rolls, pan seared turnip cakes, rice noodle roll w/ shrimp, rice noodle rolls w/ beef, shrimp and chive dumpling,shumai,crispy shrimp cake w/ taro

Round 2: sticky rice in lotus leaf, panfried sticky rice, shanghai meat dumpling, squid w/ garlic sauce,pan seared chive and shrimp dumplings,braised beef brisket on rice, curry chicken on rice,vermacili roll,2 more orders of shrimp dumplings, sesame shrimp roll, 2 more orders fried shrimp/chive roll,shrimp/chive dumpling. Then to go I got an order of the custard cream buns. All in all it was just about $100.

Everything overall was very good especially for a food court. The shumai were not very good and tasted premade/frozen. The 2 "main dishes" over rice came with way too much plain boring rice and not enough meat. The beef brisket one should be named beef-fat. The chicken curry one was very tasty though. The garlic squid was nice and tender and with lots of garlic, more italian then chinese almost! The sesame shrimp rolls were perhaps my favorite, very nice.

Topped it off with bubble teas from the lolli tea place. Much fresher boba then I have had before, not as hard and rubbery. Hard to pick a decent combo though with so many choices.

Blurry vermicilli roll

Fried sticky rice

Squid w/ Garlic

Shanghai meat dumplings

Pan seared shrimp/chives

Sticky rice in lotus leaf

Shrimp w/ chives

Shrimp dumplings

Fried rolls

Chicken Curry

Beef Brisket

The gang minus Ang who took the photo