Saturday, June 03, 2006

5/28/2006 Shangri Lee - Chesire Ct. Will,Jeff, Pam, Bill, Karen,Pete

All you can eat Dim Sum/Chinese Delicacy buffet $11.95

Jonesing for dimsum and stuck in ct, I found this place by doing a few web searches. The buffet is setup makeshift on a row of tables all pushed together. The first section features cold chinese delicacies. aprox 15 cold dishes. Smoked meats, duck, asst marinated noodles, vegetables, a spicy shrimp dish. Many of these dishes reminded me of kim chi and the other korean dishes that are given at the start of most korean meals.

Next section included some typical chinese appetizers. Very good honey coated chicken wings, peking ravioli, etc. Then asst hot dishes chicken, whole fish, curry noodles.

Next was a station had 4-5 stacks of steamers with the typical shumai, tofu skin roll, haw gau.

The last station was a make your own soup station. With udon type noodles, broth and toppings.

A seperate table had fresh fruit, hot soy milk, steamed bean buns and asst dessert type dimsum pastries.

Everything was very light and tasty. A much different experience the anything we had found elsewhere. If it wasnt so far away, we would definately go back.