Monday, June 15, 2009

Figured it was time to write this one up.
Lin Garden in Dracut does a dimsum buffet every weekend. I have gone the last 3 weekends in a row.

From the outside the place looks like a trailer-like polynesian restaurant advertising its comedy night and with plastic dragons and the like on the wall. But inside its a nice space with a terrific view of the river. The place could be no closer to the river so the views are great.

The dim sum buffet starts at 11:30 and has 3 tables of items. They are very good about keeping it all full and fresh. In fact i have yet to see anything empty. Costs aprox $15

From memory: (im sure im missing many things and they vary slightly week to week)
The first steam table has:
Chicken wings, pot stickers, meatballs w/ brocoli, chicken feet, s&p shrimp, fried tofu, bell peppers w/ shrimp, chinese eggplant, turnip cake, dungeness crab, dried tofu skin sheet stuffed w/shrimp, fried chive/shrimp wontons. Scallion pies w/pork/egg/scallion inside

The 2nd steam table has:
soy milk/fried dough, rice noodles w/toppings, house fried rice, beef chow foon, hot&sour soup, some sort of soup with rice noodles and thousand year old egg, some sort of tasty greeens with bits of pork, about 6 different types of buns in steamers. Including Pork, sausage, red bean, etc. Yesterday they had small bowls of silken tofu w/syrup.

Then there is a table with 3 trays w/sterno and steamers on top. In here there are hargau, shumai, pork/taro balls with rice outside, about 5 other pork based dumplings. The other 1/2 of the table are dessert type items. Various rice flour based sticky treats w/bean inside, noodle square things that look like rice crispy treats, tea infused rice w/bean wrapped in bamboo leaves, couple types of jello red/coconut, great almond cookies, moon cakes, etc..

Overall we like it as a suburban option. No driving to boston/parking issues. Great when there are only a couple of us so we can enjoy the variety. Of course being a buffet its not exactly the same as a fresh cart load of stuff in boston. I really like the S&P shrimp and the shrimp/chive fried dumplings. Also love the rice covered meatballs w/taro/pork inside. The skins on many of the dumplings are on the thicker side and many/most of the pork based dumplings taste very similar to each other. Scallion pies are very good too

Considoring how small the crowd of clients is typically, i would say they do a great job of bringing out a large variety of items and keeping them well stocked. Crowd is 99% asian.

I would definately recommending trying it if you are in the suburbs and dont feel like treking to boston or woburn. Attached a few photos of a couple plates.