Sunday, December 23, 2007

12/23/2007 7 people Emperor Garden Boston.

7 of us went today and spent about $100 on dim sum.

At first we were worried as they didnt seat us in the main dining area but in a lounge off to the side. When we arrived we were the 1st in this large room and obviously there were no carts/peopls. However as they promised, within about 10 minutes it was hoppin in there as well.

We got most of the normal standards hargau, fried dough, meatball, shumai, mushroom cap meatball, baked pork pastry, egg custards, chicken feet, shrimp chow fun, ribs in black bean sauce, taro dumplings, fried shrimp/chive dumpling, fried calamari, s&p shrimp, congee, tofu skin roll, spring roll, shrimp roll, sticky rice, roast duck.....

Out of that list the only thing i actually had to spit out was the calamari, not much seasoning and very fishy. Others didnt think it was so bad , but it remained mostly uneaten on the table.

Didnt have the soapy/soggy experience i had there 2 years prior so it certainly has improved since my last visit!

Most was on par with the other big places in chinatown.

The turnip cake cart didnt come around till we were done eating and leaving, which was sad as i love them. Also never saw any of the fried shrimp patties with the shredded taro on the outside. One of my favorites which they didnt seem to offer at all. We also wanted snails but they dont do those there, they did have clams but we didnt get them