Monday, October 08, 2007

Pam and I went to the Yangtzee River Dim Sum Buffet for lunch. Typical, same as usual there. Items on the cart seemed pre-prepared, not on par with Boston Dim Sum. Many decent items on the buffet table and certainly plenty enough to eat.

Later for dinner 7 of us went to try Fuloon for the 1st time.

Quiet night, not very busy, service was excellent. Very attentive. Offering plenty of water refils, quick plate clearings, extra napkins,etc.. Not only did they give us new plates after our apps, but they changed our dinner plates once midway as well!

We had some adventurous and more conservative eaters among us so we ordered a mix.

We started with Scallion pancakes, crab rangoon, peking ravioli and a double order of the Spicy Wontons. The Spicy Wontons were interesting with a good amount of Sichuan pepper corn spice and garlic. The scallion pancakes were thicker then im used to but good. I was also able to try the Hot and Sour soup. It had a nice dark thick beefy broth but not very spicy.

Then for main courses we had Szechuan style whole fish, Diced chicken with dates/chestnuts, Wok baked beef, tea smoked duck, Pan fried noodles with chicken,pork,shrimp.

The fish was tasty but not as spicy as we wood have liked. We feel that maybe they made it more mild then usual for us? It had 2 stars on the menu where the wonton app only had 1. Yet the wontons were much more spicier.

The Diced chicken with dates/chestnuts was a big hit among the more conservative eaters at our table as was the wok baked beef.

The Tea smoked duck was excellent with a nice seasoning on the crisp skin. We liked it much better then the version at Sichuan Gourmet. It was served with some steamed dough buns.

The Pan Fried noodles were very good too. Perfectly crisp with a nice sauce and plenty of toppings. As good as any chinatown version in my opinion.

For dessert they gave us complimentary Sweet Sticky Rice pastry with red bean inside.
Overall a nice meal and everyone enjoyed it.

Next time we will order more spicy dishes and make sure to get them with full strength.