Monday, June 05, 2006

6/4/2006 Yangtzee River , Lexington MA. Damon, Eric, Mike C, Mike P, Angela, Allan, Kevin, Tina, Jeff, Pam.

All you can eat dim sum buffet includes items on 3-4 buffet tables and all items off carts. Buffet items included various fried items, noodle dishes, fresh vietnamese spring rolls, congee, soy milk, turnip cake, dessert items. Carts were all steamed items. Many of the items were comparable to chinatown quality but many were also not as good. Overall considering the easy location, easy parking, and value for the $, it was very good and we will be going back!

Some of the gang outside

Dessert buffet

Main buffet

Lo mein, chow foon, tofu and other buffet items

Plate of buffet items

Plate of buffet items including Peking ravioli, Fried shrimp/chive green things, spring roll, Turnip cake, chicken steamed dumpling, fried shrimp balls, salt/pepper shrimp

Soft Tofu w/ sweet syrup


Tofu skin roll

Shu mai

Stuffed mushrooms

Shrimp balls w/ Corn

Rice noodles

Pork dumplings

Shrimp Dumplings

Chicken Feet

Chinese eggplant

Pork Dumplings

Coconut tarts

Pork Buns

Mike C and Al


Mai Tais for dessert

Bill for 9 adults and 1 child, not including drinks