Sunday, October 29, 2006

10/29/06 Hei La Moon, Boston. 10 of us!

Today a group of us went to Hei La Moon in Boston. We had not been in a while. One intersting thing was that they opened a basement level of the restaurant up. Looks to be larger then the original restaurant down there. We didnt sit down there but it made our wait for a table for 10 upstairs much much shorter. We got a great table right by the exit of the kitchen, this was ideal as all the carts were full and hot when they got to us.

We found everything to be great today, much better then we had remembered even. Some of the items we got: (multiples of each)

Shrimp and beef stuffed rice noodles, shu mai, har gau, shark fin dumplings, tofu skin rolls, congee, ribs w/ black bean sauce served over rice noodles, Yellow custard buns were perhaps the best ever, Egg tarts, steamed pork buns, baked flaky pork pastries, sticky rice in lotus leaf, fried shrimp w/ taro, fried shrimp w/ chive dumplings were twice the size as anyplace else, Taro dumplings w/ pork inside, fried calamari-always great here, snails, chicken feet, turnip cake, chinese greens w/oyster sauce,seafood in tofu skin, steamed shrimp/chive dumplings, and many others I cant remember or dont know a name for!

Total bill $140 w/tip. Cant wait to go back.

After the meal we walked to Rainbow Cafe for Boba Tea drinks. They had a good selection all made with ice cream and real fruit. I found the boba pearls themselves to be really too mushy though and too big for the straw. Perhaps we got the bottom of a batch or something.