Sunday, May 20, 2007

may 20 2007, Peking Cuisine Watertown - 5 people

Place opens at 12. 1st warning sign would have been, nobody waiting in line. We went in and sat down. Hmm nobody inside either. Sort of odd for a place with huge "now serving weekend dim sum " in the window.. We are given regular menus, we ask for dimsum menus. They give us the "chinese" menu that has a small section in one corner "weekend dim sum". Aprox 7-8 items, none of the familiar china-town cantonese items other then fried dough and soy bean milk.

We ordered as asst of items, mostly from the regular menu but a few from the chinese menu.
Highlight was the House Special pan fried noodles. Very tasty and comparable to Boston versions. Eel with garlic sauce was a bit "off". Spicy pork with hot peppers was grissly pork w/ green peppers and little flavor. Fried shu mai were like what you get in the plastic trays at trader joes, im sure they were. Peking ravioli, very doughy, also the frozen variety. Spicy wontons in hot chili oil, were totally bland wontons in peanut sauce. Fried salt/pepper calamari was good, nice and tender, not much seasoning but nicely prepared. Some sort of cold tofu skin dish with mushrooms inside wasnt a very big hit either.

Overall it was ok normal chinese food with little seasoning/flavor, im sure we could have asked for things "extra spicy". We went expecting familiar dimsum and that it certainly was not.

We were there from aprox 12-1 and in that period only 1 other customer came in to order a takeout dish to pickup at 2. So not too busy.