Monday, February 26, 2007

2/24/2007 Lin Garden Dracut MA-
This is an all you can eat dimsum buffet. About $12/pp with tip/tax.

First steam table had chicken feet, turnip cake, crabs, couple types of fried scallion dumplings, chicken wings, shrimp in tofu skin, panfried ravioli,fried cruller, sticky rice in lotus leaf, couple other items.

Second steam table had congee, hot & Sour soup, rice noodle soup, sweet bean milk, chow foon, vermicili, bokchoy w/ pork, 5-6 types of steamed buns.

Then there was a table with chaffing dishes with 6 other steamed dumplings including , rice covered meatballs, Hargau and shumai. There were platters with dessert type items as well. Various jello types, some buns with red bean paste, etc..

Overall it wasnt bad for a dimsum buffet. Although I think its better when they have carts as well as buffet such as Oriental Pearl in Framinham does. Also could have used a few more fried items.