Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Captains Blog, Dim-sum-date April 8th, Easter-Year of the pig.
Crew: Damon, Will, Mike, Ang, Al,myself
Hei La Moon.

Cart action was strong.

Shrimp chow fun x2, Spring rolls, pork pastries x2, sticky rice in lotus leaf,ribs over taro,taro coated fried shrimp patties, fried calamari,har gau x2, shu mai, seafood dumpling, shrimp/chive dumpling, shrimp rolls in tofu skin, tofu skin rolls x2,turnip cake,greens, peanut/taro dumplings,fried shrimp/chive dumpling, more that im forgetting im sure.

This week at hlm and last week at China Pearl, they have been attacking us with evermore msg. I am worried for my crew and the entire fleet. Im not sure how much more they can take before they become completly insane. This week my co-pilot and 2nd in command were taken down, next week who knows?